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 Post subject: Flash Videos In Your Hotspot
PostPosted: Sat Apr 11, 2009 10:05 pm 
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You can see an example of how to insert a commercial into your hotspot here:

Here is the tarball for flash player to insert commercials in your hotspot pages..

To install this player, login to your server with putty as root user and do the following commands at the command prompt:

cd /var/www


tar xvzf commercial.tgz

You can replace the file named "/player/video.flv" with your own flash video... The timer for the redirect to google can be found in the file:


You can rename this directory to "commercial2"... "commercial3"... etc... and make as many of these as you want.. .One for each hotspot if you desire..

To make this be your homepage that people see before the wifi login page, enter this as your uam homepage in the advanced router configuration menu for wifigator 3.0


(That is designed for sending people to the commercial after they login... To tweak it just a bit for before they login, do this:


If you make another copy of this and want it to be seen on another hotspot showing a different video, just rename it some other name and make the uamhomepage be something like:



and so on...

There you go.. I am going to build this into the next release anyway, but you can have it now by just downloading this file into your web folder..

Have fun with it.. It will be interesting to see what you do with it..


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PostPosted: Sat Apr 11, 2009 10:16 pm 
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That video page can be made to be goole ads or stationary pictures and links, or some other type of Flash presentation.... I like the flash videos though...

All you do to capture videos in flash format from you-tube is this... Go to this address....


Now open another browser and go to you-tube and find the video of your choice.. In the upper right corner of the you-tube page there will be the URL for this video.. Copy and paste that over into the www.keepvid.com page.. Click submit and the keepvid page will come back with a link to download the flv file from you-tube..

Then you will upload that file to your site owner page under the new ADVERTISING tab that will be there and you will have that video page available either before the login page or after the login page, whichever you set it for in that control panel....

And if you need to convert your own local videos from avi, mpeg, or some other format into flash format, download the "Riva Encoder" here:


I also use the "internet Video Converter 4.1" that is a free download on the internet... google it and you will easily find it...


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PostPosted: Sun Apr 12, 2009 12:42 am 
Chuck the .php works perfectly. I wanted to do this exactly the Longtale player in the main Landing Page as Chuck did, but With the player not AUTO loading/starting so the Loading landing page will be fast and not take bandwidth. (Did this on my Website).

Problem with My idea was as someone on the radio.ilovemywimax.com stumbled on quickly, if you don't have the latest flash or and old version, you will get a crappy, blank D/L macromedia flash box, No one wants to D/L something of your open wifinetwork. or See a Blank BOX saying D/L.

After being on chucks radio.ilovemywimax.com people came up with marketing Ideas for this and the idea.

Its Perfect this way and better then I could have thought. You can put a Fake Picture with a Video Play button on the landing page that links to the /commerical directory to flay the timed .flv file. Thus never showing a Placeholder box for the video, for those that dont have flash, it will showing of the speed of the network, commercials, advertisers, all for free to them, without even logging on if they have flash.

More ideas came to my mind. Longtail player got better ver 4.?.?, lets you inject advertisement into the playing .flv, just like youtube videos have advertisement on the bottom, without re-encoding the .flv file.

Problems: using newer versions of longtail is you need the newest flash version (if you watch youtube, then you have it). Else you get the ugly box placeholder telling you to d/l flash player.

Perfect don't have longtail video player load on the landing page and only a fake play picture with a link, to watch the videos, Simply state you need Adobe flash to watch the videos, and that not all machines are supported. This gives you a have a nice clean Landing Page That everyone can still see.

Just remember keep your videos short, you don't want to be uploading 1gig of free videos on WIFI. and you don't have to unmallow macromedia.com, just don't worry about the few that don't have adobe flash player.

Note: I use Macromeida flash 8 encoder to convert the .flv. This was the best option 1 year ago according to Longtails website.

Check out Longtails website, they will show you the add placement injection demo thing. A must see!

Well just one more thing, i will have to make a link to GetMeThehellBackTothePayScreenIcantSeeOrDo, that way people don't have to wait XX seconds on a blank (d/l Flash) screen. or they hate the XX Hours Video just to get redirected to the landing page and Buy Time.

Thanks again Chuck and everyone on the radio forum.

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