MAC Authentication
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Author:  Chuck D [ Sat Feb 21, 2009 11:09 am ]
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Here we go... Read this.... I found it in this thread if you want to read the entire discussion...

http://oregonmicroscience.com/hotspotfo ... highlight=

I have a better way to deal with this...

download this file:


Copy it to this location in your server and rename it with winscp to have the .php as the extension...


that underscore at the start of the filename is supposed to be there... Leave it there.. Make it just like I show above for the filename and path..

Then go in and click the EZGATOR tab and CREATE NEW HOTSPOT and you will see 4 new buttons that let you control how a hotspot is created and there will also be a small pull down menu that lets you choose existing hotspots to edit them and change their settings..

Check that out and you will be up to date with me on bugfixes and these buttons will be visible and working..

You need to read about why those buttons were hidden in the first place in order to really operate them correctly.. I would leave Individual tickets off... Batch tickets on.. Paypal plans on... Mac authentication optional... Splash page only = off..

There you go.. Tell me how it goes..


Author:  twinmos [ Sun Feb 22, 2009 8:59 am ]
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I have read a little bit more and tested. It works very well now. The user gets created with username first. Then after the first login the username changes to the mac address and this line is added in radcheck Mac-adress,Auth-Type,:=,Local

thanks for help chuck

Author:  twinmos [ Sun Feb 22, 2009 9:36 am ]
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Does anyone else have duplicated user entries in "Manage User Accounts" after the first user login. When the user has logged in and the username has been converted to the mac address "Manage User Accounts" show:

Author:  Chuck D [ Sun Feb 22, 2009 9:45 am ]
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The whole username tracking is why the mac auth was commented out until the code is fully finished..

Plus, I am sitting here with a HUGE update about to come out, and it will have a full DVD install and an online update, but even the online update is a full copy of the web directory, so all of your customization is about to get wiped out..

This update also touches almost everything BUT mac authentication.. That will handled next as its own update all by itself.. This is because the updated DVD I am about to release is pretty much stable, except for these few functions that are not considered finished, like mac auth...

It works from a mechanical standpoint, but there is no accounting, and this is an accounting program, so therefore, mac auth does not really work yet for production..

Just FYI, so nobody spends a bunch of time on this when it is a moot point at the moment anyway..


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