MogulWi Ultimate 9.01
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Author:  Chuck D [ Thu Nov 01, 2012 2:44 pm ]
Post subject:  MogulWi Ultimate 9.01

Since I have talked to all of you last, I have been doing what you would expect me to be doing, which is building my own networks and developing and redeveloping this system in the quest for the best possible solution for the business of wireless radio network distribution, management, and billing.. To that end, I have come to a couple of conclusions..

1) Robin-Mesh, Open-Mesh, or any type of AdHoc-Mesh network is no longer suitable for our uses for a number of reasons.. Limited power output, limited radio compatibility and availability, slow backhaul bandwidth, firmwares can't keep up with advancements in radio technology, etc.. etc... etc.. JUST TO NAME A FEW!!

2) Running the radius client application inside every radio is also a bad idea, and bogs down each radio and doesn't allow for roaming, and just generally kills the overall performance of the wireless network to the end user..

Today's end users need AT LEAST 1MB DOWN / 500k UP to consider the internet connection to be satisfactory and usable.. That allows for good streaming of youtube videos and other streaming media, which is what almost all people are doing now with the internet connection.. Trying to get 1MB of BW to even 50 end users with a Robin-Mesh, Open-Mesh or any Wireless G network is difficult at best.. But with the new wireless N radios out now and other hardware available off the shelf, you can get super high bandwidth with an AP WDS network using the firmware that comes in the radios right out of the box..


So instead of running custom firmware in each router, you would use a Mikrotik Router or gateway PC as the captive portal processing unit that handles the logging people in and talking to the server, etc.. and then you build a layer 2 wireless network behind that and you have a KICK TOTAL ASS NETWORK that can get hundreds of MB of BW throughput even more than 5 hops away from the main access point.. I have done it.. I covered about 80 acres of cabins and RV spaces with 8 Ubiquiti Bullet M2 radios, each with a little 9dB patch panel type antenna and I am getting 104 MBps of throughput at 5 repeater hops out, which is as far as that network goes.. There is a 1/4 miles backhaul across a highway in the middle of it all, too..

The way I have this working is you upload a restore file I have built for the Mikrotik RB750, RB750GL, and the RB450G routers and they are instantly configured to checkin to the network dashboard.. You then go add the mac address of the mikrotik device to the dashboard, just as you would a robin-mesh type radio, and the mikrotik router will checkin and automatically configure itself and be ready to go.. You can set the network ip address pool and ip ranges and several other settings for each individual router also right through the dashboard..

Next I am going to start posting up instructions on how to setup the mikrotik routers and gateway pc's to run this system, and also discussions about building the layer 2 wireless networks with almost any radio on the market using WDS to create the repeater network..

I like this picture because it shows how it works out.. This MogulWi program is the first time I have seen these network really perform like they are supposed to perform, so I am pumping them out as fast as I can..


I just made a cheesy little walk through video of how the system works.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FjbGXPZ23g You guys will already know this information, but it will give you a look at how I have reworked it.. And this is all using Mikrotik routers with routers in AP WDS mode for the wireless network distribution using all wireless N type radios.. Between the software finally being sorted out and kinks fully out of it, and the hardware being able to adapt to the faster, better radios out now, this is hands down the best way to build a wireless radio network.. This makes all of the previous robin-mesh / open-mesh stuff obsolete in an instant..

I am not married to any one technology like those guys are.. All I want is to build the best possible network management and billing system using the highest quality hardware available at the lowest possible price.. Once again, I think we have nailed it.. I can' wait for you guys to get to try it out.. You will be trying it out eventually, because you won't even be able to buy radios to work with robin mesh very soon.. they are already drying up at suppliers, which I am sure you have noticed..


Author:  Chuck D [ Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MogulWi Ultimate 9.01

All of your existing networks will probably stay in place and there is no reason to change them if they are working now, but as you build new networks into the future, you will quickly see that this is the only way to fly when it comes to doing this right.. It makes the system capable of using any radios on the market and as new radios come out, it also will work with those.. And the manufacturers are coming out with their own dashboard control panels for the wireless network itself that robin mesh could never hold a candle to, like Ubiquiti Air Control, so this is the obvious proper way to setup the system architecture..


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