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 Post subject: How to configure a Mikrotik Router for MogulWi Dashboard
PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 11:36 am 
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It is actually a fairly simple process to configure a Mikrotik Router for use with the MogulWi dashboard.. The basic steps are as follows..


1) Login to your account manager in the MogulWi dashboard and click on ACCOUNT.. Then click on DOWNLOADS.. Then download Winbox.exe to your windows desktop and download the mikrotik_config_files.zip to a folder on your windows pc also..

2) Connect your pc lan cable to port 3 of the Mikrotik router.. It really doesn't matter which port you connect to, but there is a method to my madness on this.. Just don't connect to port 1 with the pc to configure the router, as it is needed for the WAN connection.. ( SPECIAL NOTE!! The RB750GL reverses the ports and port 5 becomes the WAN port after you set this up.. I will explain more in that step to follow.. )

3) Factory reset the Mikrotik Router by unplugging the power to it.. Then hold down the reset button while powering it back up and keep holding the reset button down until you see the lights flash on the router indicating that it has entered factory reset mode.. Then let it apply its factory defaults and reboot..

4) Now open Winbox.exe on your desktop of your pc... Connect to the router as shown in the video below..

5) Click on FILES in Winbox.. Delete all files in the Mikrotik.. Highlight all files there and click on DELETE..

6) Go to the folder on your Windows pc where you saved the mikrotik_configuration_files.zip and unzip that file.. You will see 3 backup files in there.. One for the RB450G, RB750, and the RB750GL.. You will also see a /hotspot/ folder in there.. Copy the appropriate backup file for the model of Mikrotik router you are configuring over to the mikrotik file section by dragging and dropping it into the file window in Winbox.. Then click on the filename in Winbox to highlight the file you just copied over.. Now click on RESTORE.. The router will ask if you want to apply the configuration and reboot the router.. Click YES..

7) Once the router reboots, reconnect to it with Winbox again.. Sometimes Winbox fails to connect on the first try and if you just click on connect again it will go right on it.. I have no idea why it does that either.. Once you get back into the Mikrotik router again, click on FILES again to pull up the section where you just put the backup file.. You will see a bunch of files there now.. Highlight the /hotspot/ folder in the Mikrotik router and DELETE it.. Now go to the files you unzipped from the mikrotik_configuration_files.zip that you saved on your pc and drag and drop that entire folder over to the files section of the Mikrotik router as shown in the video below..

8 ) NOTE ABOUT THE SERVER ADDRESS!! If you have a reason to change the server address from the default of the Mogulwi dashboard, you would do it by copying the file "radius.txt" from the Mikrotik router over to your pc.. Then you would edit that file with Notepad and change the server address to be your server address and save it.. The drag it and drop it back over to the Mikrotik router file section and replace the file in there by default and you will have changed the server address of this router to make it check in to your hosted server or offsite server, etc..

9) Now click on INTERFACES in Winbox and double click on ETHER2-LOCAL-MASTER and write down the MAC ADDRESS of ether2 port of the Mikrotik router.. That is the mac address that you want to go to your ModulWi Dashboard and add as a node to the system.. Fill in the other information to add this Mikrotik router as a node and save it..

10) Plug port 1 of the Mikrotik router into a network that has internet access.. NOTE ABOUT RB 750GL!! The RB 750GL will have all of the ports reversed as soon as you do this restore of the backup file.. I have not figured out why it does that yet.. If you know why, let me know.. But it effectively reverses all of its ports, so port 5 becomes the WAN port and 1 - 4 become the lan ports with the captive portal... The RB750 & RB-450G don't do that.. Just something to make a note of.. Reverse the ports on a RB750GL and plug port 5 into the internet for the WAN connection instead of port 1..

11) 5 minutes after the router has this restore file applied to it, it will checkin to the Mogulwi dashboard and configure itself according to the settings it finds that you have saved for that node in the control panel.. Just like robin-mesh.. You will see that once you add a node and then go back to edit that node, there will be several more choices for what you want to set into the device for lan network address parameters and such.. These settings are individual to each router, so you can have several gateways on one network but still have unique settings for each gateway routers for lan addressing..

Here is a screen recording video I made of me setting this up and doing what I describe above..


I am making more videos of how this all works and how to setup the rest of it and will post those as I get them ready.. Working on it now..


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